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Yes...I'm going to talk about Corona Virus

I don't know about you, but I have been consuming all sorts of information about corona virus and I still feel slightly none the wiser. This article is obviously based on my own opinion, I am no doctor or professional that can comment on any of this with any seriousness!

Do I believe the people telling me not to worry? To calm down and to not listen to the hype?

Or do I believe the people telling me that I should be worried and that I should be taking this very seriously.

I'll be honest. at the moment. I am leaning towards the latter.

A lot of people have said its a lot like the the flu, or a bad cold. As if that's a good thing. So, I have asthma and because of that I get my flu jab on the NHS each year. This is because if I catch the flu it can really affect me due to my lungs not being able to fight off it as easily as others.

Despite that, from what I understand the percentage of people dying that have contracted corona virus is higher than that of flu, which makes me think it is more serious?

For this reason I am slightly worried about contracting the virus, despite knowing I will more than likely make it through, I can imagine it'll be a bit horrible if and when I do get it.

Another slight worry of mine is the fact that I'm pregnant. If I do contract the virus will I be unable to get to the hospital if I have any issues with the pregnancy? What if I catch it towards the end of the pregnancy and I'm getting ready for delivery?

There's a lot of worry's I have inside my little head!!

On a positive note, I also acknowledge there is so much we can learn from this time.

Being at home more, due to certain things being cancelled, has helped me learn to be more creative with my kids, to enjoy talking to my husband about silly things. We've had all sorts of crazy conversations and I've honestly felt like we were 18 again!

It's given me more time to read books, listen to podcasts and working from home gives me a chance to have a walk each morning, rather than my usual commute by car. It's also allowed me to have my music blasting whilst working, which is my absolute favourite way to work!

In terms of how I'm feeling as a British citizen, I'm feeling a little confused. I think as of right now, we don't have a lot of solid information. I feel like I'm getting the majority of it through social media, when I would much prefer, as they are going to from today, a daily programme I can watch letting me know that I am still doing the right thing.

I've been trying to research and understand why different countries are taking different measures to us, and I sort of understand that we are taking a different approach based on evidence rather than public pressure. However, I don't think this information is so readily available.

Finally, I want to talk about panic buying! I think this has been one of the biggest frustrations for most people who have been shopping normally.

It seems that there is plenty of supplies of everything we need, especially everything that we seem to be panic buying. All of the articles and videos I've been watching have reassured us of this . They've also reassured us that we will be able to get shopping delivered, as long as people continue to buy sensibly. So even preparing for self isolation doesn't seem like much of a valid excuse!

Yet people still seem to have emptied the shelves, leaving people unable to buy simply for the week ahead or even seeing deliveries cancelled due to a lack of stock.

The lack of stock is only down to panic buying, not any shortages from suppliers. It's been a real shame to see us acting this way and the "every man for himself" mentality that's been displayed. I get that its difficult when everyone else is doing it, but the majority of the people I know haven't caved in, so its possible!

Buy fresh fruit and veg, lots of fresh food and just make it last your normal week! This can only benefit your immune system!

So, that is my thoughts on the whole situation...as I said, it's just my opinion!

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Speak soon xx


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