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The First Week of Married Life

The "honeymoon period" . And to be honest, this is what it really was for us!!

The day after we got married, we packed our bags and went away for the week. We went to Centre Parcs and these 7 days were truly like a fairy tale! I can't recommend anything more, make sure the two of you get some time after your wedding to be together.

It was a 2 and a half hour drive to Centre Parcs, which wasn't too bad, but about 40 minutes into the drive we reached some traffic that wasn't moving. Usually it may have resulted in a bad mood from us both...but we still had so much to talk about and get excited for!

Our little one had fallen asleep in the back of the car, our 2 dogs were settled, so we decided to sit and open our cards and presents! The car was stopped for a good hour or so! We got through all our cards and was able to share a lot of memories. It was a really good time!

Eventually, we got to the lodge and emptied our car and got settled! Something I did SOOO much of that next week was sleeping!

I was so tired!

I'd had a few sleepless nights, and even when I did sleep it was disturbed. So, being able to finally relax resulted in my shutting down early every night! Falling asleep in front of the TV!

Our little break included 2 dogs and our 3 year old son too! So we decided to purposely plan time to ourselves. We took advantage of the creche and took ourselves off the the spa.

The Centre Parcs spa is absolutely amazing....on a side note. The best spa we've ever been to (and we go to quite a few!) I literally couldn't recommend it more!

We also booked in some duel treatments, drank loads of prosecco and celebrated our marriage in style!

I found we didn't pick at each other as much, no little arguments and I just found a massive appreciation for my now husband!

We're now in week 2, and to be honest, its still very much the fairy tale! Even though we've gone back to work.

We've always had a pretty awesome relationship anyway! We don't argue too much, we get things out and we accept a lot about each other! But it seems even heightened right now! Who knows how long it'll last!

It was truly a magical time...and our first week has been a dream!

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