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Running a Small Business...What's it really like?

You may well have seen the meme flying around the internet, about the life of an entrepreneur...

And it couldn't be more accurate!

Especially in the begining of your business journey.

Starting out in your business you will have goals, aims, motivations and a really strong reason for why you are doing this. These are what you must continue to come back to, what you must revisit on the days you are feeling that it is "hard" or that you have "messed up".

What are your first priorities?

In writing this blog I had to take my mind back to when I first started a business, where was my mind at? What advice did I wish I had received?

Firstly, have confidence in yourself. Everyone starts somewhere. Don't worry that you only have 1 follower on Instagram, dont worry about your small portfolio and don't worry about trying to please everyone.

I would have also liked to have been told, there is a lot of noise online. A lot of people promising fast results, convincing you that you need to invest money in yourself to make money. But, it is possible to invest different types of energy, don't just jump straight into something. Do a lot of research and use a lot of free resources to start!

However, I do believe investing in yourself will 100% pay back!

Have a plan!

I remember when I first started out, for some reason, I wanted my success to seem like a fluke! I wanted it to seem effortless and overnight!

This doesn't work!! Not for the majority!!

I was desperate to get followers and likes, so I would swap with others, which resulted in really low engagement down the line (as they weren't genuine followers to begin with!)

So grow organically, put in the effort and tell your story as you go. Get excited over the first 100 followers. Just imagine having 100 people in a room you could talk to about your business...wouldn't that be amazing?!"?

Plan what you will do at what time of the day, who you will approach, who you want to talk to and spend time with, what you will spend money on, where you will make money, when you need to have made your first 1k by.

Set your goals

Where do you see yourself in 1 years time?

So, in 6 months where do you need to be?

3 months?

1 month?

What are your daily goals?

This is called reverse engineering your goals, you can do it with whatever time scales you want. For me, it's the most effective way to set and achieve goals!! Try it...

Keep on top

For me, it is so essential that I stay on top of things. My goals, my customers, my family life. It's very easy to think you can put something off until tomorrow, or that you have all the time in the world.

I'm talking about your family and free time too, we can think "the time will come where I'll be able to spend all the time I want with my family", but ensure you are also making time for it now!

I work about a week ahead of when things are planned for, I love to be ahead of the game. My blogs are all written 1 or 2 weeks ahead of time, my social media posts are automated and I leave myself around a week after completing something before I launch it.

I love working for myself, I love the freedom it gives me, not just time freedom, but the freedom to earn whatever I want, to create whatever I want and to have my own morals and guidelines.

If you are considering starting a business, what is holding you back from taking a step tomorrow?

If you already run your own business, whats the best advice you've ever received?

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