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My 3 Favourite Networking Events in Gloucestershire

Networking has been a massive part of my business growth, and I can't recommend it more.

A lot of people will turn up to events like this with an agenda that will really dis-advantage them and more than likely leave them feeling disappointed. For example, they want to gain clients there and then! Networking is about relationships and building them over time.

A really great piece of advice I got, when attending events, is to talk to people as if their best friend is your dream client. Don't wonder how you can sell to the person in front of you, just explain what you do and learn what they do and take the relationship from there.

1. Ladies that Latte

I love this event. It was the first place I experienced Speed Networking, which I loved! (They don't do this every week) .

If you are looking for a relaxed and informal way to network, this is the group for you!

2. Women's Business Club

This event has the most AMAZING lunch!! For me it felt like a more formal, sit down, networking event. You have the opportunity to hear from everyone and to speak yourself.

They also have a wonderful "wonderbra" session where they lift up and support a specific person in the group. I feel this is a really great and supportive network of women!

3. Meet, Connect, Refer

I found this event to be very good at connecting others. It literally does do what it say's on the tin! Again, there was fantastic food served...but the way they connect the room and ensure everyone gets to share is truly a skill they have developed and perfected over the years!

If you are looking for an evening session where you are guaranteed to meet and connect with an array of business owner, this is the event for you!

Do you have any Networking Events you could share? What do you feel you really benefit from at these events?

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