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Gender Reveals- Here to stay? Or the latest fad?

When I had my first baby, this was when I first heard about gender reveal parties. They were very new, and very much based in America- I had never been invited to one in the UK. (This was about 4 years ago- in 2016)

4 years later and I'm pregnant with number 2 and gender reveal parties seem a lot more popular! I've been to a few myself and there are all sorts of balloons, cakes, cannons available to purchase for the announcement!

With my first I really wanted to jump on the trend and went along to my 20 week scan thinking I would ask the lady to write it secretly, pass it to my sister and get her to organise a big gathering where it was revealed to us all, including Aaron and I!

Unfortunately, the Sonographer wouldn't do it for us and our plans were scuppered! We had to cancel the party and tell everyone we already knew!!

The rise of Gender Reveals...

We hadn't even considered booking in a private scan and trying to do it that way. I never even knew there was a way of finding out before the 20 week scan! Nowadays, companies are offering a scan from 16 weeks to tell you what the gender of your baby will be!

This is one of the reasons I believe it has become so popular in recent years, the availability of finding out the gender, and finding it out much quicker than before. I also feel the trendy videos that have been shared and wanting to recreate a bit of the excitement for yourself will contribute to the rise in gender reveals!

Reading the following article about gender reveals it also seems it can mark the end of a long road for people who have suffered from infertility. They talk about the fact it can be the first time they get all the family together to celebrate the new life, thanking them for their support and having some fun after the storm.

Backlash on Gender Reveals

However, gender reveals haven't come along without backlash! Firstly, conforming to gender stereotypes, using pink and blue to determine between boy and girl can, arguably, take back some of the work that activists are doing fighting for greater gender diversity.

It's also suggested that it's quite self-indulgent to think that anyone else would be interested in this aspect of your babies life; we can feel quite attached to the baby whilst its growing inside, we can become a bit blind-sighted to how much others may be interested in our pregnancy and journey.

But what do I really think?

Saying all of this...my opinion on it is that I love the idea of gender reveals! To me they are a bit of harmless fun, not to be taken too seriously, and as a parent, no matter how my children grow up (whether they follow stereotypes, are transgender or are the most stereotypical of their gender), I like to know what the gender is before they are born.

I am 100% having a scan at 16 weeks with a fantastic company called Hey Baby based in Gloucester and will be letting people know in a special way, that I haven't quite decided yet! (Yes, they may not be interested, but I'm not forcing anyone to listen!!)

Do I think they are here to stay?

I really do! And I think they are only going to get more extravagant and more fun. As technology advances people are just going to want to know sooner and sooner what the gender of the baby is. And with all the fun ways to announce it already here, I believe people will just come up with more weird and wonderful ways of doing so!

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