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Blended Family Christmas- Do I buy more presents for my own children?

Okay, so there will be a lot of mixed opinions on this subject...but do I care what people think about what I choose to do? Nope.

And you shouldn't either. This is they key to enjoying your Christmas! Everyone's Christmas plans are so different, and what works for one family may not work for another. I place no judgement on any family for choosing to do their Christmas in any certain way.

In simple terms, yes I do buy more presents for my own children...and will continue to do so until my step-son spends the morning with us.

Our routine works out that he comes to us around 3PM on Christmas day. It means he can have tea with us on Christmas day and will be able to open his presents then. If i hadn't bought more presents for my son to open in the morning, he would have to wait till then to open any.

I love to say Santa has been in the morning and for him to get all excited and be able to open his presents straight away! Its the magic of Christmas for me. And I will continue to do it with my future children too.

They open an equal amount in the evening then.

It works for us! I felt quite bad about this when I first suggested it, so I wanted to share with you guys, so you feel encouraged and that is is Okay to do.

A lot of times, in a blended family, everything can revolve around the step-children and your own children and relationship is just presumed to be fine.

It's not how it works in our home, Aaron and I ensure our relationship is strong, we are the best role models we can be and treat each other with mutual respect. I also don't ever want Nath to feel as if he has to wait, or misses out on anything due to my step-sons schedule.

Don't every feel bad for doing things your way!

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