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7 Home Office Essentials

If you work from home , making your office feel like place to work, but also keeping the homely and chilled vibes is a balancing act that I feel I have mastered.

1 - First of all, get yourself a space

Have a desk that you will work from, mine is in my bedroom- so I don't have a whole room dedicated to an office, but it's just enough for me to get my work done from.

Pick a place where you will feel comfortable, where there's the right amount of lighting, where you can see the things you love and that motivate you and especially where you can take time out easily.

2 - A vision board

A board showing where you are heading, keeping you focused on your ultimate goals or showing you what you're doing all of this for!

I made my own vision board and recorded it all on Instagram. You can find it under my highlights.

Put it somewhere you will see if constantly. Mine is directly above my desk. I look at it every day, even if I don't realise I'm looking at it. It's my ultimate goals and why I'm doing all of this!

3 - A planner!

I have my planner out each and everyday. It keeps my focused, it allows me to see whats coming up for days and weeks and I also write my goals down in there!

I found the most amazing planner from freedom mastery. They call it their law of attraction planner and it's been amazing for me setting and achieving my goals!

4 - Zoom

A zoom account. A way to connect with others, to speak with prospective clients from the comfort of your own desk. It's an absolute essential for me as I work with clients all over the world, it can connect us in seconds!

5- Bluetooth Speakers

I can't get in the mood to work without music!! I invested in a good quality speaker that I can connect to my phone. It also helps with playing audio books throughout the day and making some things louder if my laptop isn't loud enough!

6 - Comfortable furniture

This is a place you will spend a lot of your time! Make sure the chair is comfortable, you have your computer at the correct height and that you have your home comforts around you.

Don't be scared to spend the money either, it is worth spending money to make you comfortable!

7- My crystals

Or whatever it is that motivates you or brings you the faith you need to succeed in life and business. For me, its my crystals, they all have different meanings and vibes and I appreciate what they give me when I'm working.

Let me know below what your home office essential is!!

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