• Victoria Apperley

6 Fears I have in my 2nd Pregnancy

1. How I will ever be able to share my love

I have no idea how I will ever love someone as much as I do my son! I have a love for my bump right now, but it’s not quite the same as that love when you first see them! I look at my son, who I am absolutely obsessed with, and feel so much love for him. I just have no idea how I could ever love someone the same.

I also worry about neglecting him once the baby is here. I remember how demanding it was feeding him and comforting him in the first few months. I worry that my time won’t stretch far enough and I won’t be able to give him all of the attention he gets now.

2. The birth!

Yes, I know I’ve done it all before…and it was actually a really positive birth experience. But I’m still so worried about how this one will go! I keep thinking back to the pain and wondering if I will be able to cope this time.

I’ve not started any of my yoga or hypnobirthing yet, which I know helped with my birth experience last time. I truly know this birth will be amazing! I keep affirming myself about the experience, as I know how important this is!

But I can’t help but worry about it now and then. And I’m also looking forward to it! It’s a mix of emotions, but if you are also worried, it is so very normal!

3. It going too fast – it’s my last chance

This whole pregnancy I keep thinking about how it is the last time I will do it. The last time I’ll do any of it. It’s my last chance to have a daughter, it’s my last chance to enjoy pregnancy yoga, it’s the last time I’ll give birth. There are so many different things about the pregnancy that I know will be the last time I do them.

I don’t want any of it to go to fast, but at the same time I want to meet them right now!! Pregnancy seems to be full of conflicted feelings for me.

4. Losing the baby

I hate even writing about this one, but I wanted to be completely honest. It’s something that I can worry about almost every day. Worrying that everything is ok, can I feel them enough, have I eaten the right stuff etc etc.

I worry about the fact it may happen and the way it will affect me. There’s not much more to say about this fear, it just sits there. I try not to let it take over or worry about it too much, but it sits there quietly.

5. Sex changing

I worry about things changing between my husband and me, especially sex. I love our love life right now and I remember how much it changed in the first year of having Nath. Now, with 2 children I wonder how much more it could change! Just after it’s getting back to normal.

I know we both put a lot of effort into the relationship and we really do enjoy each other’s company, so I like to think it won’t change too much. But there are stresses and strains that come with having a baby, especially having 2!

6. The baby will feel my stress

With all this worry I also worry that the baby will feel my stress. But trying to stay completely stress free is impossible! So, I just keep up my own practises that ensure I keep as stress free as possible. Things like meditation, yoga and hypnobirthing.

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