• Victoria Apperley

5 Things to do to get you ahead of the game for Christmas

Christmas is a'coming! I don't know about you but I have so many organised people around me who are so organised and I tend to leave everything till last minute!!

Especially as I am getting married at the beginning of December, i'm trying to complete my degree in time and run a business!

It's all fun and games...but these are my top 5 tips for getting ahead of the game for Christmas.

Number 1- Get yourself a PRIME membership!

Get yourself a prime membership and buy online! You haven't got time go trawling around the shops! It also helps for any last minute buys that you can get next day delivery!!

If you're like me, I will maybe do one day out and about and really get into the "christmasy" spirit...but you don't want to be saving all your shopping for that one day!

Number 2- Suggest Secret Santa with every group of Friends/Family you have!

This made a MASSIVE difference to our Christmas!! We all know it can become about the presents and start to lose the family feel we all LOOOVE about Christmas!

What we do is put our names into a "hat" and pick a name out. We set a budget and just purchase presents for that one person! You can give ideas on the paper with your name on too!

Number 3 - Get on Instagram and connect with Local Businesses

I love this one! I started following a few local businesses a couple of months ago, and then their products appear on my feed now and then giving me inspiration!

Make sure you follow the sort of people who will be selling what you will potentially be looking for!

One of my absolute faves to follow at the moment are @loveemmadesigns.

Number 4 - Pre-order your food

Another one I absolutely LOVE! It has changed our Christmas day! You can order your Christmas food from most big retailers now to collect a few days before. The food is usually all ready to just be popped in the oven and it tastes DELICIOUS!!

If you haven't done this before, give it a go this Christmas! My fave? Marks and Spencers...obvs!

Number 5 - Grab a Netflix subscription

Get yourself instantly in the "Christmasy" mood by popping on a Christmas movie! Fill the cupboards up with popcorn and snacks and sit down to a film night!

Sometimes you may not have the specific film you want available, but I find with Netflix there is so much choice, I can usually find something to suit us all!

Let me know what you tips are for getting ready for Christmas! And ensure you follow me at www.instagram.com/victoria.apperley


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