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5 Best Things About Being an Adult Student

I love being a student, I love learning and I'm so glad that I made the decision to start a degree in my adult life!

I wanted to share with you today, the things I consider the best about being a student in adulthood!

If you have ended up on this page as you are considering going back to school in adulthood, I hope I can convince you of the many MANY benefits this has to you.

If you are 17 or 18 and thinking about what to do at university, but have no real idea, or are wondering about taking a break from studying, I hope this encourages you to make the best decision for you!

1 - I'm studying exactly what I need to!

As an 18 year old leaving college I was SOOO unsure what I wanted to be when I was older. I had no idea, but college teachers kept telling me to just study what I was interested in. Had I done that, I can't imagine where I would be right now.

I am not studying exactly what I need to to become what I want to "when I'm older". Which is a Lawyer. I want to make such a difference in the Family Law world and if I had done a degree before this may have never been a possibility for me!

2 - I focus completely on my studies.

Now, I'm not saying every student has a wild party life...but had I gone to university at 18 I KNOW for a fact, I would have!

I have a family that I am bringing up, and a part time job...but I feel my focus is razor sharp on getting the grades I need, completing essays and what this all means for mine and my families future.

3 - I've got real life experience I can use for my studies

I've worked full time, I understand employment and what it takes to be a good employee and I have significant life experiences that I can use to compare against case studies.

Most students, when I think about my personal degree in law, won't have experienced going to court themselves, having family or friends who have specific cases in court or even to have seen certain types of issues that are affected by law take place.

I use this to my advantage and you could too, if you are considering a degree!

4 - I don't have time for this to go wrong

Literally! This can NOT go wrong. I have to pass everything first time, I can't afford re-takes or extra classes. I want to get started with my career as soon as possible. I have children going to school and I know that my Husband and I need me back in work as soon as possible!

Therefore, my determination and grit for getting this done, and getting it done quick, are higher than I know mine would have been at 18.

5- I genuinely enjoy it

I've literally picked a subject that I love! I love learning about it, applying it, writing about it. Everything about it. I genuinely enjoy every moment of my degree. I love working under pressure and all the deadlines I have.

Not that you wouldn't enjoy a subject you have chosen at 18, but I was able to do a lot of research and real life research to ensure I would enjoy the majority of my studies.

If you are currently considering going to uni, no matter what age, it is such an amazing experience and I couldn't recommend it more!!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what your subject is!

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