• Victoria Apperley

10 Things to do before you're 30

OK, so i'm not one for telling people what they should or shouldn't do...but this is a list of all the things I would have hoped to and have achieved before I turn 30 next year!

Why is turning 30 so relevant?

I think this time of our lives seems to be set as the time you should be "settled" by. It's that age where you should have all your shit together, be married with kids and know where you're headed in life.

That is not always the case...

And so it shouldn't!!

Life is all about developing, growing, creating fun, freedom and finding peace. None of this needs to be done by a certain age, that's the beauty of it. We all move at different paces!

And last thing before I start the list...being married with kids is not the ultimate goal by any means!

1- Visit a different country to the one you live in

Experience a culture shock. Soak up all that you can. Learn how others live, try new food and enjoy the sun set from different corners of the globe.

Travelling doesn't have to be expensive, and if you have kids...even better! I take my kids everywhere and both of us love it!

2- Stop speaking to anyone who makes you feel shit about yourself

Let go of all the negativity in your life. Even if its friends or family...especially if it is. Fill your life with positivity, people that bring you up and make you feel amazing.

There can be friends in your life that make you feel like the worst friend in the world because you don't meet their standards as a friend. But, you are you and if they don't approve they know where they can go. And you can leave just as easy.

3- Take more than a month off of working

Life can become monotonous, working day in, day out and taking your 2 week holiday each year. Save up and ensure you can take more than a month off of working!

4- See your favourite band or singer play live

No matter what it costs, no matter how far you have to travel...make sure you see your favourite band or singer play live!

5- Turn your phone off for a whole weekend

I literally get palpitations thinking about this one! But just do it. Spend a weekend without your phone before you turn 30! It'll feel much better than you're imagining!

6- Host a massive dinner party

Cook it all yourself. Invite all your favourite friends around together and enjoy amazing food and drink! There is nothing I love more than entertaining, I love having guests over and I love cooking. Do this whether you love it or not!

7 - Dine alone

Enjoy your own company. Focus on the food and your thoughts and don't take your phone!!

8- Get a tattoo/ piercing

For years and years I wanted my nose pierced but never got it done due to worrying about what my parents would think as well as my boyfriend at the time being funny with me!

I went and did it the other day, and I wish I'd had it done sooner!! I love my nose piercing.

9- Forgive yourself

Stop thinking about all the things you could have done or did wrong. Forgive yourself and move on. You still have so many years left on this beautiful earth, stop living in the past and enjoy the hear and now

10- Take care of your mental health

If you don''t already, start taking care of your mental health. Take time to understand yourself, to work out what makes you feel better and what doesn't. Learn to love yourself and create your own happiness.

Let me know if you've completed any of these or if you would add anything to this list?

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