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10 Observations of mine during the corona virus crisis

I think we can all agree that this crisis has got us all thinking, contemplating and just generally considering what we are doing with our lives. It's got me considering all sorts about the world and how we are all operating. Its made me question the way we do things and why we do them a certain way.

Whilst I can't wait for some stuff to go back to normal, I really hope that this brings a new normal to us all too and that some things are changed for the better!

1. Working at home with kids is harder than I thought it would be

I've always had a little bit of a desire to be able to work from home with my children around. Thinking I would be able to set tasks for them whilst I went away and completed mine. It's not quite worked that way!

Whether it would be different if I could go outside and make trips more, I don't know. It probably would. But staying at home with a little one full of energy, wanting desperately to have my attention constantly, has been very challenging. For both of us.

2. It was never that I didn't have time to do those things...I just hadn't prioritised them

I've seen this coming from a lot of people. We all thought if we had more time we would read that book, take up that hobby or write that song! Whatever it was we thought we needed more time for, we've realised that we just didn't make it a priority because its just not that important to us, or we just really did not want to do it.

I will put some of it down to me feeling especially lazy and lethargic that this time. I have felt really unmotivated at times to get certain things done, but I do know I could be putting a lot more time into my writing and my degree!

I've especially loved just snuggling on the sofa and watching box sets with Aaron, when I know I could be doing something much more productive. However, I also think about this being the only time we truly get to slow down, so I want to also appreciate that!

3. I don't care about celebrity gossip as much as I thought I once did

Honestly, when I see headlines about celebrities I just scroll straight past right now. I've become so dis-engaged with them. I used to always know what was going on with who. I'm much more interested in headlines about people who have done amazing things!

4. People who work for the NHS are actually amazing

Off the back of the celebrity thing, I feel like I would be more star struck meeting a nurse or a doctor right now, rather than a celebrity! I can't quite believe the sacrifices they are making.

But not just the nurses and doctors, everyone who has to go into work each and every day. I am able to sit and work from home and I really do feel quite safe during this time. I know not everyone will feel the same, but I think the people who have to get themselves into work every day and meet people who may be carrying the virus are really amazing.

5. I'm more of an introvert than I thought I was

I really am enjoying the part of this where we have to stay at home. I've always known I enjoy my own company and that I don't have a massive need for keeping in touch with people constantly. In fact, I can find it really draining when people rely on me too much for their own company!

But, I thought I would struggle with something like this! I thought I would miss it slightly. Don't get me wrong there are certain people and family that I miss purely for them being them and for the fun I have when I'm with them! But I do love being in with my laptop and my little family!

6. I married someone I could be locked up with

When you marry someone, you sort of know you enjoy their company. But could you be locked up with them 24 hours a day? With a 3 year old draining all your energy and the stress of work? Turns out we can!

We worked together for a while anyway, and to be honest, neither of us really go out too much, however I still wasn't sure how we would cope!

7. I spend a lot of pointless money and make a lot of pointless trips

Now, don't get me wrong, I do think its important to go out, make memories and have new experiences and in doing so spend money! I think it's important for creating a fulfilling life as well as your mental health!

But, I used to try and go out at least once a week, if not more...when I really could have been getting some savings together! And most importantly, spending time on getting my degree done or working towards my business idea!

8. My little boy loves spending time with me

When we had nursery my little one used to love coming home to me and seeing me when I picked him up. But I've always wondered if that was just because he was away from me for the day! No, it turns out he really does love spending time with his mum!

He went upstairs earlier today for about 10 minutes to have a play and when he came back downstairs he asked me if I had missed him whilst he had been gone as he had missed me!

Sometimes you wonder if you're just a boring, nagging mum...turns out I'm also a loving and fun mum to be around!

9. Working from home should be an option for many more people

I think this is a given. It has been proven now that business can make it work when it's good for them and they are still able to keep their business running, so it would be good to see them make the effort for people who this would really benefit!

It can really help people achieve a good work/life balance, cutting out peoples morning commute saves time and gives people the opportunity to take a walk, read a book or do all sorts that they usually feel they don't have time for and it also gives people the chance to get little things done around the house. I'm not talking about redecorating the bedroom, but I mean put a wash on etc, enabling more relaxing time in the evenings/weekends!

10. Everyone seems to hate footballers / the rich!

Ok, maybe they don't hate them! But we do seem to think because people have worked harder than us to make lots of money that they sort of owe us something! I've never thought like this and can't really get my head around why people do!

Yes, these people have a lot of money, but they don't owe us, the country or the world anything! (Unless they do, e.g tax dodging etc - but that's another issue).

I've seen people attack people on twitter asking them why they don't donate money to "so and so" because of their millions!

I also don't think we should be bailing out companies such as Richard Branson's virgin airways! No way, they, again, are not owed anything by our government!

I would love to hear what you have observed and been thinking about at this time. Leave a comment below or follow me over on Instagram!


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