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10 Affirmations your kids can start saying TODAY

Children soak up so much! They believe everything we say to them and we really do shape the way they will view and think about themselves!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the perfect, positive mum all day, every day!

But I do try to instil positive thoughts and a positive mindset in to my children. it's also important that it's not MY opinion that forms the basis for how they feel about themselves, but that they love, appreciate and respect THEMSELVES. That they can and should root for themselves, ALWAYS!

I teach them that no one else's opinion, even mine, matters, as long as they are proud of themselves.

My TOP 10 favourite affirmations to share with my children are:

1. I am brave and strong

2. I am loved unconditionally

3. I am a lot of fun to be around

4. There is no one better to be than myself

5. I am free to make my own choices

6. I am kind and good

7. I can make a difference

8. Today is going to be amazing

9. I have lots of energy

10. I am a good friend

Let me know of any you use with your children below...

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